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You did a fantastic job shipping n packing my piece….just got it today….beautiful piece….excellent sculpt….amazing paint up…very pleased!!! Thanks again for the wonderful piece!….👍

-ronstopable01, Salinas Ca.


Bad ass work. Really great! 

-Howard Berger, KNB EFX GROUP


You sir are a true artist in every since of the word. Wonderful service. Outstanding Art! Pro seller/artist! Fast ship,perfect packaging & comm. A++++++!

-Stanley G., West Virginia


Outstanding Art! Pro seller/artist! Fast ship,perfect packaging & comm. A++++++!

– Joseph R., Pennsylvania


Awesome zombie, A+++++



Bad Ass!!!!! I am soooo stoked u guys rule 🙂

 -Kirk M., San Francisco


Detail and quality of their busts are/is AMAZING! Shipped immediately from CA (within 12 hrs.) & extremely well packaged! Bust came with a very pro done COA signed by artist, care sheets in a clear folder/binder, sticker, a very high quality stand, etc. All very professional!!! Outstanding communication as well.
The only negative is pricing… can be high but, they do give some deals. Ultimately worth every penny though when you see their work in person & how professional everything is/was! Highly recommend!!!!


-Dark Angel, Review on



Got her today… and I am blown away! Absolutely stunning! Incredibly beautiful in a sick(good) way! Whish I could shake the artists hand. Extremely talented!
So, I wanted to take the time to thank you all personally. Great customer service. Included cert. & care sheet. Fast shipping & Best packaging! Everything… VERY professional! Please pass-along to everyone involved my gratitude. Thank you all again!

– Joe R., Pennsylvania




First off, I want to say HexHill has outstanding customer service. My Zombie Tesla took a week to complete from first payment, When Jae started the piece he constantly kept me updated on his progress with photos and asked me for my input to make sure it was a unique custom piece. I received the bust today and his work is simply superb, the detail on this is so realistic, I’ve never seen such a remarkable bust. I wouldn’t hesitate in getting another one and anything else for that matter, the attention to detail speaks for itself, a must for any collection.

– Dayle W.,Australia




These are amazing! Just brutal. Love them – Paul W., UK




Just purchased Ms. Roth and got her in the mail today. Absolutely stunning work, I am looking forward to purchasing more items in the future. – M. Munroe, Canada




Awesome Item – Horror Movie Show




GREAT ITEM A+++ – MBrenden69



Again, OMG I love it. Your items don’t disappoint. I will be back! – 32075brenda



OMG love it. – 32075brenda



SICK AS F**K! Keep em coming guys … i want more! – MonsterScreen



Highly recommended – Riverh20


Great item! Fast shipping! Very friendly seller. Thanks a lot – MoviePropsch


Excellent prop, thank you. – Skeeterpest

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